Will you come and taste wine with me?

I am going to tell you all about my delicious wines, but also wines that I don’t have on the menu. Every edition has a different theme so you learn something new every edition. Would you prefer to make someone happy with this wine tasting as a gift? You can buy a voucher here to give to a beloved friend, colleague or family member.

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What are we going to do?

I will let you taste 5 wines with 5 matching dishes. During the tasting, I will tell you more about the wines and how to taste them. With some interesting wine facts here and there.

And that for 90,-!

What are we going to discuss?

Each edition I discuss a different theme. This way I can share as much of my knowledge as possible and you can learn something new every edition. We cover beautiful wine regions in the editions. Think of Germany, France, Italy. And 1 edition is entirely dedicated to sparkling wine. Also sparklingly interesting of course!


I give wine tastings from January to July. Would you like to be there? I am organizing the following editions:

Wednesday January 10: Bourgogne
Wednesday January 24: Italy
Wednesday February 7: Rhône
Wednesday February 21: Bordeaux
Wednesday March 6: Germany
Wednesday March 20: Sparkling
Wednesday April 3: Bourgogne
Wednesday April 17: Italy
Wednesday May 1: Bordeaux
Wednesday May 15: Provence

The following data are added:

(these editions will take place on Juliettes lovely sunny terrace)

+ Wednesday 5 June: Burgundy (+€10)
+ Wednesday 19 June: Provence
+ Wednesday 3 July: Italy
+ Wednesday 17 July: Provence


Juliette is happy to welcome you and will let us use her private dining chef to prepare the food

Juliette | Valeriusplein 4a, Amsterdam

Thanks to

Batard, Cork & Compass, Juliette